Megan Bliven

“If it weren’t for physics and law enforcement, I’d be unstoppable.”

I’m a creative problem solver, in and out of the office. That big idea is what drives me to excel. In doing so, I’ve worked across multiple brands and categories to conceptualize and develop unique creative campaigns and brand positionings. These were carried through to creative development and production in tv, print, social, digital, OOH, added value and branding.

That same drive for creativity and conceptual thinking extends further to my out-of-office outlets including costume designing, baking, cake decorating, body painting, interior curating, taking “movie night” a step up to a full immersive experience and creative spacial organization to fit this all in my small New York apartment.

SVP, Executive Creative Director, KWG

Carolyn Oppenheim

“You know those creatives who bring one idea to the table, end of story? Megan isn’t one of them. Megan attacks a problem from every possible angle, and then finds angles on those angles.”

SVP, Strategy & Creative Director, KWG

Sarah S. Humphry

“I do not want to recommend Megan. I don’t want anyone else to know how fantastically talented, smart, hard working, organized, creative, and responsible she is. “

Creative Director / Art Director, KWG

Barbara Dilorenzo

“There’s wisdom in her work that goes beyond her years that gives it a head-nodding insightful quality. The element of delightful surprise is always around when you’re around Megan.”

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