With leading probiotic brands fighting to grow the category by making broad claims around immune and overall health, and OTC brands capitalizing on symptom relief, Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora brand needed to stake its share by being the digestive health experts. We needed to be there for consumers every day with smart solutions and better ways to live the way they really want to live.


When it comes to your digestive health, you have a choice. You can get by, hoping for the best. Or you can live digestively.

What does this mean? It’s a simple philosophy for how to be the you that you want to be, for starters by taking the best products to help you feel lighter, more energized and healthier.


Living digestively starts with a healthy digestive system, which starts with the right products. What you do with the feeling you get from it? That’s endless, and totally up to you.

So under the Live Digestively umbrella we created for the brand, we used a flipbook technique for Ultimate Flora to illustrate the point that when the #1 high potency probiotic is at the center of it all, you are able to feel lighter, healthier & more energized in whatever you do.

Print & Digital

We aimed to make Renew Life the digestive health experts with Live Digestively.

Living digestively is living mindfully, so you can live deliberately. It’s not just for the times when your stomach hurts or you’re not feeling like yourself. It’s an everyday commitment to your health.

Using Lizzie & our animated campaign,

we were able to address a variety of complex and not so pleasant messages in a way that was engaging and even aspirational.

Creating consumer engagement around the idea...