In a category of limited awareness (VMS joint pain solutions), we needed to get Osteo Bi-Flex back on the radar as a potential solution for immediate and long term relief. We needed to make the brand relevant to the consumer, while demonstrating credibility and efficacy of the product.


Our target is still the young-at-heart, independent, care-giving, hard-working people they’ve always been. But they often feel younger than their bodies allow them to be, stopping them from doing the things they need and want to do in life.


The time has come for a better long-term solution, to flip the script on your life. And Osteo Bi-Flex is ready to help.

We focused on delivering this message and building relevance with our audience by using first person testimonials delivered by relatable characters. We departed from the quintessential depiction of golf, tennis and the retired life, realizing our audience can go without doing those things in the midst of joint flare-ups.