All women are different and have different experiences with their periods. And for the women who have it worse, (despite what traditional advertisements would have us believe about frolicking white dresses and unstoppable athletics,) it does suck and it does stop you.  That’s why Pamprin is more than just pain relief. It’s period relief.


Menstruation has historically been viewed as something that women have to overcome, put up with, and continue on in spite of. And when the world doesn’t take period symptoms seriously, it’s no wonder women don’t either and instead will just reach for any pain reliever already on hand.


Pamprin gave women a platform to be unapologetic and honest about their periods. changing the brand voice to one of empowerment and empathy for those that experience more than just a little pain. So without cutsie euphemisms and without shame, we took both period symptoms and the conversation about it head on, allowing women to really describe what they go through each month on their period, and likewise addressing issues that shouldn’t still be issues: shame, stigmas, pain, bloating and irritability.