In a category dominated by big brands that encourage daily regimens for beautiful skin, we positioned Zapzyt as the problem zit solution. Regardless if someone is a light or heavy acne sufferer, Zapzyt promises strength and speed to make it the go-to product in everyone’s acne arsenal.


Whether a light or severe sufferer, acne isn’t the social crisis it once was. But when that problem zit shows up in the wrong place and at the wrong time—like in the middle of our forehead during graduation photos—now we are freaking out!  It’s annoying and obnoxious, and we feel like it is speaking for us. So before it ruins that big moment, shut it up with Zapzyt, the heavy-duty enforcer that will restore peace and order to your face.


Visualizing the problem of when your big moment is here and you have that annoying zit on your face, we created a space to personify the problem zit. We developed and teased out our character in Facebook posts, Snapchat videos and :06 YouTube bumpers, and used the branded lightening bolt to demonstrate the power and speed of Zapzyt at work.